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  • On July 20, Meiling M Fresh 618WQ5D with the theme of "33 days after rose" was launched and the new product launch conference of Jingdong Five Star was held in Hefei. Meiling and JD Five-Star jointly released the new refrigerator M Xiansheng 618WQ5D and t
  • With the rapid development of science and technology, more and more high-tech products have appeared. Wearing a smart bracelet brings a good feeling of health, technology, confidence and taste. Therefore, smart bracelets have become one of the typical hig
  • A smart thermostat is a device used to control temperature, which can control floor heating air conditioners, water heaters, central fresh air systems, lights, etc. A brand is a kind of commitment, which expresses the history, scale, production capacity a
  • A smart refrigerator is a type of refrigerator that can intelligently control the refrigerator and manage the food intelligently, so that the food can always be kept in the best storage state. When purchasing smart refrigerators, many consumers have insuf
  • Smart luminaires can realize basic dimming functions, such as dimming the light color, combining with speaker monitoring probes and other equipment, and can also be controlled through mobile phones or other mobile terminals, providing more control methods
  • The water of the smart water dispenser is purified water that reaches the standard of direct drinking water. The purified water after treatment is fresher, safer and more hygienic than the bottled water. Follow and love. When purchasing a smart water disp
  • When it comes to clothes drying machines, most people must be familiar with them. Nowadays, clothes drying machines integrate functions such as full-effect three-dimensional drying technology, radio frequency remote control, LED art lighting, light wave i
  • Smart rice cooker refers to a new generation of rice cooker that is different from traditional mechanical cookers. It is controlled by a computer chip program, monitors temperature in real time to flexibly adjust the firepower, and automatically completes
  • Smart routers usually have an independent operating system, and users can install various applications by themselves, control bandwidth, control the number of online users, browse web pages, control online time, and have a powerful USB sharing function. I
  • When a robot is paired with artificial intelligence, it becomes an intelligent robot, which has very powerful capabilities and can help humans in all walks of life. A brand is a kind of commitment, which expresses the history, scale, production capacity a
  • Decorative materials are building materials and their products that are used to decorate various civil buildings to improve their function and appearance, and to protect the stability and durability of the main structure under various environmental factor
  • With the development of science and technology, the anti-theft door industry has also introduced new ones, and the advent of intelligent anti-theft doors has provided a better guarantee for the safety of the home. When purchasing smart anti-theft doors, m
  • Infrared sensors have already played a huge role in modern production practices. With the improvement of detection equipment and other parts of technology, infrared sensors can have more performance and better sensitivity. A brand is a kind of commitment,
  • In addition to the external characteristics of robots, entertainment robots can also look like people, like some kind of animals, like characters in fairy tales or science fiction, etc.; they can also walk or complete actions, can have language ability, c
  • In addition to indicating the time, the smart watch should also have one or more functions such as reminder, navigation, calibration, monitoring, interaction, etc.; the display methods include pointers, numbers, images, etc. At present, there are many sma